Your hosts


Richard and Evelyne ARBAUD are farmers.

Richard has been farming for the past 30 years having begun in the region of Marseille and then settling in Lapalud, in1988. Evelyne joined him in1989, and in 1995 they converted to organic agriculture.

Renting out rooms is simply a continuation of their passion for their profession, expressing their desire to share their experience, knowledge and their hospitality with others.

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  • The Farm

    The Terre-Bio-Provence Farm is more than 100 years old. It is made out of the stones of the Saint-Restitut quarry which, flourished with the cultivation of sorghum in the 50s…


  • The Workshops

    The farms has several workshops where are made fruit juices, jams, syrups.. with fruits produced directly by the farm and also cheese and meat. All ingredients are organic…


  • The Organic Shop

    The farm has a shop where are sold produces made in the workshops of the farm like juices, apple sauce, jams, tomato sauce but also cheese and meat. They are all certified organic products…


  • The Animals

    The farm has several animals including sheeps and goats and chickens. Both young and old alike are particularly delighted by the mascot of the farm: the donkey named Olive…